The Convenience and Security of Keyless RV Locks

If you own an RV, you know the hassle of carrying around keys and the fear of getting locked out. Keys can be easily misplaced and create a huge inconvenience. But keyless RV locks offer a modern solution that does away with old-fashioned keys entirely. Instead, these smart locks use keypads, touchscreens, fingerprint scanners, or Bluetooth mobile apps to unlock your RV with the push of a button.

As an RV owner, I absolutely love the ease and simplicity my keyless lock provides.

Avoiding Lockouts

One of the biggest headaches for RV owners is getting locked out. It’s happened to all of us – you go for a walk or a swim, only to realize your keys are sitting inside the RV. Or even worse, you drive away with the keys still inside and are completely stranded. It’s an awful feeling not being able to access your own vehicle and belongings!

With a keyless lock, these worries disappear completely. You’ll never need to carry keys around or worry about getting locked out again. No more frantic calls for a locksmith or waiting around helplessly. As long as you remember your code or have your smartphone, you can always gain entry into your RV.

My friend learned this lesson the hard way when he got locked out of his RV at a campground in Oregon last year. He had to pay a locksmith $200 to come drive 45 minutes and let him in. Talk about a hassle on what was supposed to be a stress-free vacation!

After his miserable experience, Bill installed a keyless deadbolt on his RV. He says it was one of the best upgrades he’s ever made. Now he never thinks twice about his keys – the code is all he needs to get in. The other day his wife even accidentally drove off with the keys in her purse. Didn’t matter at all! No locksmith required.

With a reliable keyless lock, you simply don’t have to worry about getting locked out anymore. It’s incredibly liberating! You can focus on enjoying your RV lifestyle without this major stress.

No More Keys to Manage

In addition to lockouts, keys themselves are a huge annoyance. You have to remember to grab them every time you leave the RV. And if you store your RV or truck camper, you need to keep track of which key goes where. It’s not always easy to remember!

Keyless RV locks completely eliminate the need to ever deal with keys again. There’s no small piece of metal to hold in your hand or lose at the bottom of your bag. You don’t have to coordinate key copies for family members who use the RV either.

The keyless code or app is all you need. Since you can’t physically misplace a code or app, it guarantees you’ll always have access.

My brother recently bought a big Class A motorhome but was reluctant to give extra keys to his kids who borrow it sometimes. With little kids, he was worried about lost keys which would mean rekeying the expensive RV. So he installed a keypad deadbolt instead. He gave each family member their own code. No more key swapping or spares to manage. They can access the RV whenever they need without my brother worrying about anything getting lost or stolen.

So say goodbye to the jangle of keys in your pocket or hunting through your bag to find them. Keyless is the way to go for simplified access.

Quick and Easy Access

Trying to unlock a door when your hands are full is never fun. You juggle your stuff around or have to make multiple trips while you fumble with keys. But with a keyless RV lock, you can open your door easily even with your arms loaded down.

Keypad locks only require you to type in a quick 4-6 digit code. Biometric locks like fingerprint readers are even easier – just touch your finger to the sensor. Most models now have very fast sensors that unlock the door in less than a second.

Some keyless locks use Bluetooth technology to sync with your smartphone. You simply tap a button in the app and the RV unlocks immediately. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

No matter your hands-free situation, you’ll always be able to get in without a hassle. Coming back from a day on the trails or beach with all your gear? No problem. Arms full of groceries or firewood? Not an issue. You don’t need to set anything down or get the keys out of your pocket.

I’m definitely guilty of trying to awkwardly hold too many things at once. When my hands are full carrying my guitar, laptop, and other gear, it’s a relief to just tap the keycode and enter my RV instead of fiddling with keys. It’s amazing how much of a difference this convenience makes after a long day of activities.

Guest Access

Having guests along on an RV trip is part of the fun. But providing them access to your RV usually means handing out spare keys. This can make many RV owners understandably nervous. After all, you’re giving a virtual stranger the ability to drive or enter your home at any time!

With a keyless lock system, providing guest access is secure, convenient, and doesn’t require you to hand out keys. You can set up temporary codes or mobile app permissions to give guests access only when you allow it. And you can delete these codes and permissions immediately after your trip.

Some locks even let you assign specific schedules for when a code or app works. So you can give guests a morning code that only unlocks the RV from 8 am to 11 am for example. Pretty neat!

We lent our RV to family for a week-long vacation last month. Instead of worrying about spare keys, I simply set up unique codes for them to use during that week. When they returned the RV, I deleted the codes, instantly disabling their access – no key exchange or resetting locks. It gave me peace of mind and made using the RV much easier on our guests.

Which Keyless Lock is Best For RVs?

Now that you know the many benefits keyless locks provide, you’re probably eager to get one for your RV! There are a few types to consider:

Keypad Deadbolts

These are likely the most popular keyless locks for RVs. They install just like a standard deadbolt but feature a lighted numeric keypad instead of a keyhole. You enter a pin code and the deadbolt unlocks immediately.

They provide the security of a deadbolt with the convenience of keyless entry. No wiring or battery power is required – the lock runs off generator energy when you push the buttons.

I have an ABLOY Protec2 Keypad Deadbolt on my RV and love its bright LED screen. I’ve used it for 3 years without any issues. It’s sturdy, reliable, easy to install, and works flawlessly.

Touchscreen Deadbolts

Similar to keypads but with a touchscreen number panel instead. A touchscreen gives a more modern, high-tech look. But it operates basically the same way by entering a code.

Touchscreens are nice if you find them more intuitive than push buttons. However, some are prone to screen freezing in extreme cold weather. Make sure to get one like the Lippert Keyless Entry Touch Screen Deadbolt that works in all conditions if you RV in cold climates.

Biometric Fingerprint Locks

For the ultimate in high-tech RV access, a biometric fingerprint lock lets you unlock the door with just a touch of your finger. No more remembering pin codes!

They store your fingerprint(s) and scan them when you touch the sensor. As long as the print matches, the deadbolt unlocks in under a second.

Fingerprint locks are super cool. But make sure to get an exterior-rated model designed for mobile use like an RV. This Securam Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt has rugged metal construction and weatherproofing that can handle the elements.

Bluetooth/WiFi Mobile Locks

Instead of a keypad or fingerprint scanner, these locks work via Bluetooth or WiFi with a smartphone app. You simply tap a button in the app when nearby and your RV unlocks immediately.

Long range WiFi models like the RemoteLock WiFi Deadbolt let you unlock from anywhere with cell service – perfect if you’re already at the campsite when family is arriving later with the RV.

Bluetooth models only have 25-50ft range but don’t require WiFi. Shorter range helps improve security too. Just use your phone when right at your RV.

Smart Locks

Smart locks take keyless even further by offering features like activity logs, multiple user codes, schedules, etc. They connect to your phone via an app that provides enhanced controls.

For example, the LockState WiFi Smart Lock records each time the lock is opened or closed. You’ll get notifications of any activity and can view the logs. If your RV is ever broken into or moved, you’ll know exactly when and have evidence. Pretty amazing!

Smart locks provide great security and insight when you can’t physically be at your RV. They do require wiring for power but give you tons of useful functionality through the app.

Installing Your Keyless RV Lock

Once you choose the perfect keyless lock, you just need to install it. Thankfully, installing a keyless lock is relatively simple for a handy RV owner.

Step one is choosing an appropriate location. Most RVers replace their main entry door lock so they can access the RV keyless. Make sure there is enough interior space for the lock body and exterior space for the keypad or touchscreen.

You should be able to simply swap your existing deadbolt or handleset lock for the new lock. They use the standard door preps and bolt sizes. Use the manufacturer’s template and instructions to drill any needed holes for thumbturns, connect power, etc.

The actual wiring and electronics are all self-contained in the locks themselves. So you don’t need to run or connect any control wires. Just connect power if your lock requires it.

Be sure to seal any new holes with silicone caulk to keep rain out. Don’t forget to change your default admin codes right away and add any permanent user codes you need programmed.

Most RV locks take 1-2 hours to fully install. Some experience with basic wiring and holesaw drilling is helpful. Or you can hire an experienced RV technician if you’re less handy. Either way, you’ll have your RV upgraded with keyless access in no time!

Enjoy the Keyless Lifestyle

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer need old-fashioned keys to access your home on wheels. With an innovative keyless RV lock keeping watch over your rig, you can fully embrace the simple pleasures and freedoms of RV living.

No more jingling keyrings or frantic searches through the couch cushions when you want to hit the road. Just tap in your code or scan your fingerprint and escape into adventure. Grab the family for a weekend getaway at a moment’s notice. Stop at those roadside attractions that call your name. Pull over anywhere you find a nice view or quiet spot.

When you return from paradise, your RV welcomes you back with the push of a button. All of your belongings kept safe until your next journey. No locks to manage, no keys to carry, no worries about getting stranded. Just the open road ahead.

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