Finding Your Way on the Open Road: RV and Camping Apps That Get You Where You Want to Go

Well, my friends, what better way to find your way around this great land of ours than with a trusty RV routing and camping app by your side? As good ol’ Bill Bryson once said, “Not all those who wander are lost.” But a little navigational assistance never hurt anyone!

Let me tell you, I’ve been around the block a few times in my Winnebago. I’ve gotten lost on more than one occasion trying to find my way to the KOA Kampground off the interstate in Nowheresville, USA. These newfangled apps sure would’ve come in handy back in the day! But better late than never I say. I’m just happy we live in a time where magical devices in our pockets can tell us exactly how to get where we want to go.

RV TripWizard – For the Serious Road Trip Planner

Let’s start with one of the heavy hitters in the RV navigation app space: RV TripWizard. Now TripWizard has been around for a while, and for good reason. This app is for the serious RV road trip planner – the type who likes to have every detail mapped out ahead of time.

TripWizard lets you input all your RV specs like height, width, weight etc. And it’ll route you along roads suitable for your rig. You can set up multiple waypoints and destinations. Heck you can even tell it you want to route past certain attractions or campgrounds. It’ll do all the work to map out your perfect trip.

The coolest part is the app syncs across all your devices. So you can plan your trip on your desktop at home, then send the route to your phone or tablet that you’ll have with you on the open road. TripWizard will reroute you if you happen to make a wrong turn or detour. It’s like having your very own Navigator Bob along for the ride!

Now TripWizard isn’t free – it’ll set you back about 40 bucks a year. For serious road warriors who log thousands of miles a year, TripWizard is worth every penny. But for short weekend trips, you may want to look at some of the free options I’ll describe next. Regardless, you really can’t go wrong with RV TripWizard if you want pro-level trip planning and routing.

AllStays Camp & RV – For Finding Campgrounds on the Fly

Now maybe you’re like me and you like to wing it on the road. You want to be able to find campgrounds and points of interest on the fly without meticulous pre-planning. That’s where the AllStays Camp & RV app really shines.

AllStays has info on over 40,000 RV parks, campgrounds, Walmarts, rest stops – you name it. It’s like a big ol’ directory of possible places to park your RV. But more than just a directory, you can filter campgrounds by things like rates, amenities, cell reception, park reviews, and even dog friendliness.

I’ll tell you their pet friendly filter has been a lifesaver for finding parks where my old dog Buddy can tag along. AllStays lets you easily scope out campgrounds nearby your current location or along your route. You can call and book a site with one tap. It’s nice not having to flip through a campground directory book, or endlessly search Google just to find vacancies.

For about 10 bucks a year, AllStays is money well spent in my book. But they also offer a free version with a bit limited features. So it’s definitely worth downloading either way before you hit the road. You’ll have all the POIs and campgrounds you could ever want right at your fingertips!

RV Parks by IGoEverywhere – Simplicity is Key

Now if bells and whistles aren’t your thing, you might like the RV Parks app by IGoEverywhere. As the name suggests, they specialize in providing RV parks and campgrounds along your route. But the app takes a simple, no frills approach.

As soon as you open RV Parks, it finds your current location and shows campgrounds nearby. You can view each park’s average rating, basic amenities, number of sites, and a few photos. Tap on a campground to see reviews, get directions, or call them directly from the app.

The simplicity is really the app’s greatest strength. No confusing maps or trip planning tools. Just tap where you want to go and RV Parks shows you the closest campgrounds. If you’re a just point A to point B type of road tripper, it doesn’t get much easier.

And get this – RV Parks is 100% free! There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases. So if you don’t want to spend any money but still want to easily find campgrounds, RV Parks is a great choice. Like I always say, simpler is better!


Now I don’t know about you, but I like to hear what my fellow travelers have to say about a place before I hitch up there. Word of mouth from seasoned road warriors can tell you a lot more than some glossy brochure from the campground.

That’s why I recommend every RVer download Campendium. It’s like Yelp…but just for RV parks! Thousands of detailed reviews from real RVers like you and me. You can get the inside scoop on things like:

  • Site sizes – will your rig fit?
  • Noise levels – is it peaceful or party central?
  • Bathroom cleanliness – are the showers usable or gnarly?
  • Cell signal strength – can you get bars to work remote?
  • Surrounding scenery – is it scenic or just a parking lot?

I’ll tell ya, reviews from Campendium have steered me towards (and away from) more than a few parks over the years. If the community gives a place a big thumbs up, chances are you’ll love it too. And the app makes it easy to find highly rated campgrounds along your route or wherever your RV ramblings take you.

The other neat thing is Campendium has a wealth of tips, advice, and experiences shared by fellow RVers. It’s like having a virtual campfire chat with road warriors who have been there, done that. If you have a question about anything RV or camping related, someone on Campendium likely has an answer.

There’s so much useful info beyond just the campground reviews. I’ve learned about stealth camping spots, dumping stations, scenic drives, and all sorts of tips from Campendium members. And you can contribute your own knowledge too once you hit the road. It’s a free app that provides some peace of mind through the wisdom of fellow travelers.

Honorable Mentions

Now I could go on and on about RVing apps – there are just so dang many good ones nowadays! But let me quickly mention a few other worthwhile options:

  • RV Parky – Crowdsourced reviews and pics of RV parks across North America. Also shows points of interest like dumping stations and rest areas.
  • Ultimate Campgrounds – Database of public and private campgrounds. Filter by amenities, reserve sites, etc. Lite version is free.
  • FreeRoam – Finds campgrounds, but also other free overnight parking spots like truck stops and Cracker Barrels. Intended for boondockers.
  • RV LIFE – All-in-one app with campground database, trip planning tools, discounts, travel guides and more. (Full disclosure, I’ve partnered with them before – but only because their app is tops!)
  • – Search and reserve sites at national parks, forests, and other public campgrounds.

So there you have it friends – Turn your phone into the ultimate co-pilot. Just be sure to look up from the screen once in a while to take in the beautiful scenery!

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