A Friendly Guide to Keyless Entry Locks for RVs

So you’re thinking about upgrading to a keyless entry lock for your RV? Smart thinking, my friend. I’ve spent many a summer on the open road in my trusty Winnebago, and I know how frustrating it can be to fumble for keys constantly. A good keyless lock can make accessing your RV a breeze while also boosting security.

RVLock Keyless Handles – The OG Keyless Solution

Let’s start with the original game-changing RV keyless lock, shall we? Back in 2014, the clever folks at RVLock introduced their keyless lock handles as “the world’s first keyless locks designed for RVs.” And let me tell you, they really got it right!

RVLock handles are available for fifth wheels, travel trailers, motorhomes – you name it. Installation is a breeze with a simple one-screw mount. The lock itself is quite bulky but feels very sturdy and secure in your hand. I’m a bit of a clutz, and I’ve never had any issues with it coming loose or anything like that.

To unlock, you simply push a button and turn the handle. Then tap the button again to lock it back up. Easy peasy. No more fiddling for keys when your hands are full from a day’s fishing or when you’re rushing for the bathroom in the middle of the night!

The battery lasts ages, too. I only change mine about once a year, and I use my RVLock multiple times a day. Can’t complain about that! Replacing the battery is simple; just pop open the back of the lock with a screwdriver.

My one gripe is that early models only allowed one user code. So if you’re traveling with friends or renting out your RV, you’d have to share the code or reset it each time. Thankfully, newer versions support up to 4 unique codes.

Overall, I can’t recommend RVLock enough for solid, simple keyless entry. Installation is a bit pricier than some locks at around $300-$400. But you’re paying for unmatched quality from the pioneers who started it all.

RVLock V4 – Now with Key Fob and Keypad

Speaking of RVLock, they’ve continued innovating with their V4 lock released in 2019. This bad boy incorporates keyed, keypad, and key fob entry all in one. Talk about flexible options!

RVLock is still family-owned and made right here in the USA – you’ve gotta love that. The V4 lock definitely keeps their signature bulky, rugged feel. Some folks complain that it sticks out too far from the door. But I’ll take the added security and durability any day.

The coolest part of the V4 is how you can switch between key, keypad, and fob unlocking. I love having the redundancy so I always have multiple ways to get in. The keypad comes programmed with one code but can store around 20.

One thing I’d change is the beeping that happens every time you unlock with the keypad or fob. Kind of annoying when you’re trying to quietly sneak in for a midnight snack without waking your partner! Maybe they’ll add a silent mode in the next version.

At around $330, the V4 costs a little more than the original RVLock. But having the flexibility of three entry methods makes it worthwhile if it fits your budget. And it still comes with RVLock’s lifetime warranty, which speaks volumes about their faith in the product.

Generic Keyless Door Lock – Budget Pick for Trailers

If you’re looking for a more affordable keyless solution, you can find generic keyless locks for around $50-100. Just search for something like “keyless entry door lock for RV trailer.” I took a chance on one of these for my vintage 1960s camper trailer.

Installation was trickier than the RVLock since I had to completely remove my old lock mechanism. A bit nerve-wracking drilling into the door, I won’t lie! Some fiddling was required to align the new lock and latch correctly. But after an hour or so of cursing and tweaking, I got everything working smoothly.

The lock itself has a slimmer, lighter profile than the RVLock which I like aesthetically. It’s made from stainless steel so it feels sturdy despite being so budget-friendly.

Unlocking is done by punching in a code on the 10-button keypad. You can program up to 5 different codes which is nice for sharing access. No fancy key fob or Bluetooth here – just simple push-button entry.

My only frustrations are that the keypad buttons are kinda small and hard to hit precisely. And the programming instructions are very poorly translated from Chinese. But for $60, I really can’t complain! It’s held up great after a year of heavy use.

For a basic keypad lock to start ditching your keys, you can’t beat the price on these generic RV trailer locks. Just be ready to get your hands dirty during installation. And order an extra one in case you mess it up on the first try, like I did!

Lippert Keyless Entry – High-Tech with Bluetooth

If you really want to feel like James Bond unlocking your RV, check out the new keyless entry lock from Lippert. This thing really embraces the latest tech with Bluetooth connectivity and a slick smartphone app.

At around $240, it’s one of the pricier options out there. But you get what you pay for with how advanced its features are.

Instead of punching in a code, you simply tap the Lippert lock with your phone or dedicated fob to unlock. It uses proximity sensors to detect when you’re nearby.

The Bluetooth functionality means you can access logs of who entered and exactly when from the app. Talk about peace of mind while you’re away from your rig! You can also set temporary codes for visitors or service techs right through the app without having to reprogram the lock itself.

Installation looks fairly straightforward with a standard drill-in mount. Lippert includes both interior and exterior components, so you get that handy outside keypad for times when you don’t have your phone handy.

Some buyers report issues with Bluetooth connectivity and battery life. But Lippert’s customer service seems very responsive to quickly replacing any defective units.

I’d say it’s an excellent high-end choice if you’re handy with smartphone apps and want serious security monitoring. Just be ready to pay for the luxury!

LATCH.IT Keyless Lock – Sturdy and Simple

If you’re searching for a sturdy, no-frills keyless lock, LATCH.IT is a great choice. Their keyless latch locks start around $200 for an easy slide-on installation.

This brand really focuses on heavy-duty security forged from solid metal. Their locks are made in the USA from zinc alloy and designed specifically for RVs.

LATCH.IT locks have a slim, sleek profile that sits flush against your door. So you don’t have to worry about it catching on awnings or anything like that. The buttons do stick out a bit, which some folks don’t love aesthetically. But it makes unlocking super easy even in the dark.

Programming is straightforward with the ability to set unique codes for up to 4 users. Simply punch in your code, and the latch retracts smoothly so you can open the door. Re-lock by punching the code again.

These locks run on common watch batteries that only need replacing annually. Installation is truly hassle-free compared to drilling out your whole lock mechanism. Just slide the latch over your existing latch and secure it with a set screw. Done!

Overall, LATCH.IT offers a solid keyless solution focused on security and durability. If you don’t need any bells and whistles, it’s a great choice that will last for years.

Which Keyless Lock is Right for You?

Well, there’s my take on the best keyless entry solutions available for securing your RV these days. As you can see, there are plenty of options to ditch those pesky keys for good!

Your choice comes down to your budget, tech capabilities, and needs for security. I’d recommend RVLock or LATCH.IT for their sturdy construction and simple operation if you’re not looking for high-tech features.

If you want serious security alerts and logging, the Lippert Bluetooth lock has you covered. And for a super budget-friendly option, a generic keypad lock gets the job done.

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