Convenient Keyless Entry and Peace of Mind: Smartphone Apps for Automatic RV Locking via Bluetooth and Geofencing

Keys are so 20th century, aren’t they? I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done fumbling for keys every time I want to get into my RV. And I’m not too thrilled about the possibility of locking myself out accidentally either.

I’m not too keen on giving some shady character access to my RV if they get their hands on my keys. But with these apps, I don’t have to worry because they use a little thing called geofencing. Basically, the app knows the GPS coordinates of your RV and will only unlock when your phone is within a certain range.

RVLock: Unlock Your RV with Your Phone

The first app I tried out is called RVLock. Pretty straightforward name, which I appreciate. RVLock replaces the standard lock on your RV door with an electronic one that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. You just download the app, sync it up, and voila! You can lock and unlock from up to 50 feet away.

I’m probably what you’d call “low-tech,” so I was relieved at how easy the RVLock app was to set up. The whole installation took maybe 10 minutes tops. The lock itself is sturdy but compact, and matches most RV door colors so it doesn’t look out of place.

But as my Aunt Ida always says, “handsome is as handsome does.” The real test was using the app itself, and I’m happy to report RVLock passed with flying colors. Unlocking the door as I approached the camper felt like something straight out of Star Trek. The future is here, folks!

Some of the things I really appreciate about RVLock:

  • Has a good operating range. I was able to unlock the door from around 40 feet away. Gives you some wiggle room.
  • Lets you create guest access. We all have friends who wanna test out the new RV, so this is handy for giving them control.
  • The app shows your lock’s status. You can see if the door is locked or unlocked from anywhere. Gives me peace of mind.
  • Easy to install. Took no more than 10 minutes to get it up and running. Even an amateur like me could handle it.
  • Decent battery life. I only had to charge it up once over a 2 week trip. Not too shabby.

The only downsides I noticed:

  • Bluetooth can be finicky at times. Every once in awhile I’d have to fiddle with my phone to connect.
  • Lock itself is kind of big and bulky. Not a dealbreaker but it’d be nice if it was more compact.
  • Using a phone as a key takes getting used to. I reached for my pockets out of habit a lot!

Overall I was really impressed with RVLock. It does exactly what it promises and makes accessing your RV so much more convenient. I’d absolutely recommend RVLock for most RVers, especially folks like me who are prone to losing keys!

RVLock BT Pro+: Long Range Keyless Entry

Next up on my test drive was the RVLock BT Pro+. Like the standard RVLock, this replaces your door lock with a Bluetooth-enabled electronic one. But the “Pro+” claims to have double the range at 100 feet. I had to put that to the test!

Installing the RVLock Pro+ took a little more time and patience than the regular version. The lock itself is bigger with some extra tech packed in there.

In terms of use, the Pro+ works just like the standard RVLock app. You can still add guest access, check lock status, get alerts, etc. But the long range is what really makes this one stand out.

I have to say, it was pretty astounding to be able to unlock the RV from 100 feet away. I could be way on the other side of the campground and still access the door. Talk about convenience!

Some other things I appreciated:

  • Solid Bluetooth connection. The extra antennas really help boost the signal. Very little lag or glitching.
  • Alerts if lock is tampered with. Gives me good peace of mind about security.
  • Recharges quickly. I never drained more than 50% of the battery over 2 weeks.
  • Easy to install. Hardware is bigger than standard RVLock but still installs in about 15 minutes.
  • Sleek, low profile design. Despite larger size, the lock blends into the door nicely.

A couple negatives to note:

  • It’s pricey. Around $100 more than standard RVLock. The boosted range comes at a cost.
  • Big and bulky. Roughly twice the size of regular RVLock. Could be cumbersome on some doors.
  • Eats through battery if used a lot. Battery savings mode helps but recharging is needed.

For most folks, the standard RVLock range of 50 feet is plenty. But if you really want maximum convenience and not have to think about proximity, the Pro+ is hard to beat. Just be prepared to shell out a few extra bucks for the premium features.

RVLock Keyless: Low Profile Lock Alternative

Not interested in mucking around with swapping out your door lock? The Keyless RVLock may be a good alternative. This is a small, self-contained device that attaches next to your existing door lock. It lets you lock/unlock your deadbolt remotely while keeping your original keys as a backup.

At only 4 inches long, the Keyless device is tiny compared to the full lock replacements. Installing it was an absolute breeze—just stick it on next to the lock with the included adhesive. Took 5 minutes, tops.

Despite its small size, the Keyless worked flawlessly in my testing. It syncs to the RVLock app just like the others. You don’t get quite as much range at 25 feet, but for a compact add-on device, it’s impressive.

Here are some perks of the RVLock Keyless edition:

  • Super fast and easy installation. Sticks on in 5 minutes, no tools required.
  • Lets you keep original lock and keys. Convenient backup option.
  • Compact, low profile design. Barely noticeable on the door.
  • Decent 25 foot range for a mini device. Easily accessible around campsite.
  • Same great app features. Guest access, lock status, alerts, etc.
  • Reasonable price. Costs less than full lock replacements.

The main limitations are:

  • Shorter range than full locks. Need to be closer to door to access.
  • Uses adhesive for installation. Could peel off over time.
  • Smaller battery. Requires more frequent charging than full locks.
  • Not as sleek of a look. The lock area does look a bit busier.

For anyone looking for a simple add-on option, the Keyless is a great choice. It delivers core keyless functionality in a compact package. And keeping your original lock is a nice perk for redundancy. For maximum convenience, a full replacement lock is preferable. But for a minimalist approach, the Keyless is hard to beat.

Lippert Bluetooth Smart Lock: Proximity Unlocking

The last app-based RV lock I tried out was the Lippert Bluetooth Smart Lock. Lippert is a big name in RV accessories, so I had high hopes for this one. The Smart Lock has all the standard features you’d expect, but uses a nifty proximity sensor to detect when you’re near the door and unlock automatically.

In use, the magic of the Smart Lock is how it senses when you’re approaching and unlocks itself. You can also manually unlock in the app, but the auto-unlock worked flawlessly during my testing. As soon as I got within a few feet, it popped open. Pretty slick!

Some things I appreciated about the Lippert Smart Lock:

  • Proximity auto-unlock is brilliant. As you approach, it just unlocks! Feels like the future.
  • Generous 50 foot manual unlock range. Consistent connection and range.
  • Tamper alerts for security. Lets you know if someone’s messing with the lock.
  • Easy to install. A bit more complex than others but manageable overall.
  • Sleek, attractive design. Subtle but noticeable.
  • Integrates with other Lippert products. Part of a complete RV control system.

The downsides to note:

  • Auto-unlock is slower than manually unlocking. Takes a couple seconds to trigger.
  • No option to keep manual key. This completely replaces existing lock.
  • App is slightly clunky. Takes some practice to navigate comfortably.
  • Expensive. Around $200 makes it one of the pricier options.
  • Shorter battery life. Seems to drain faster than other locks tested.

If you’re keen on getting the latest “smart” RV accessories, the Lippert Smart Lock is a great choice. The proximity unlock combined with app control makes accessing your RV a breeze. Just be prepared for the price tag and potentially shorter battery life.

Which App-Based RV Lock is Right for You?

After checking out all these high-tech RV locking options, I can comfortably give each of them my seal of approval. They all deliver on the core promise of making it way more convenient to lock and unlock your RV. No more fumbling for keys!

But which one is right for your particular needs? Here’s a quick rundown of what each does best:

  • RVLock – Best overall balance of value, range, features, and ease of use.
  • RVLock Pro+ – Maximum range along with all the perks. Ideal for convenience.
  • RVLock Keyless – Most affordable and least invasive installation. Great low-profile option.
  • Lippert Smart Lock – Cool proximity auto-unlock feature plus deep app integration. Most “advanced” choice.

My advice? Think about your budget, tech comfort level, and how much range you really need. Most RVers will be perfectly happy with a 50 foot Bluetooth range, so the standard RVLock is probably the ideal choice for balance of function and value. But if you really want to max out your laziness, the 100 foot range of the Pro+ can’t be beat!

One thing’s for sure, after testing these apps, I am never rummaging for my keys again! It just feels so antiquated, like a Grandpa puttering around with a flip phone.

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