Life on the Level: A Girl’s Guide to Class A Motorhome Auto-Leveling

So you went ahead and got yourself a ginormous Class A luxury land yacht of an RV. I mean we’re talking one of those massive 45-foot bus-looking deals, am I right? With the diesel pusher engine, full body paint, in-motion satellite, and more buttons than a NASA control room.

But now you realize that parking and leveling this behemoth is kinda like trying to parallel park a stretch limo through the drive-thru at Starbucks. It ain’t easy, honey! That’s where auto-leveling comes in to save the day. I’m here to walk you through the auto-leveling options for getting your home on wheels parked perfectly level with the push of a button. Girl, it’s gonna change your life!

Girl, You Need to Get Level

Let’s be real – if you drop a quarter mil on a motorhome, you better be parking that baby on some primo real estate. I’m talking oceanside resorts, vineyards, golf courses. Not some crappy sloped lot wedged between a dumpster and a freeway off-ramp!

But even paradise ain’t always perfectly flat. And parking a big Class A coach uneven on some sideways slanted site ain’t cute. You’ll be walking like a drunk sailor! Plus your fridge will quit cooling, the shower will drain weird, and cabinets start popping open on their own.

Getting level is critical for these big rigs to operate right. That’s why you gotta upgrade to an auto-leveling system, honey. Ain’t no way you’ll be busting out the ol’ stack of Lynyrd Skynyrd albums to shove under the tires anymore! Let technology do that schlep work for you.

Pimping Out Your Ride with Auto Leveling

Alright, listen up while Auntie Amy schools you on the deets of RV auto-leveling systems. Most newer Class A motorhomes have hydraulic leveling jacks installed around the chassis. We’re talking like 4-6 heavy duty mofos that can lift thousands of pounds.

You operate them from a control panel inside with a button that says “Auto Level.” Press that bad boy, and the system uses electronic sensors to automatically extend each jack and lift the RV until it’s perfectly freaking level. We’re talking level enough to perform brain surgery up in here!

Other bells and whistles these systems got:

  • Display screen to watch the action
  • Ability to control jacks manually too
  • One-button retract when it’s time to set sail
  • Fancy stuff like WiFi apps and pre-programmed spots
  • Chirping beeps and buzzes like a freakin’ arcade game

It’s some seriously futuristic shiz so you can level up faster than your ex’s new girlfriend!

Let’s Talk About the Key Brands, Baby

If you’re buying a new Class A, you’re kinda stuck with whichever auto-leveling brand the manufacturer installs from the factory. But if you need an aftermarket system for your used coach, here’s the 411 on the big names.

Lippert Level-Up®

This one’s like the Honda Civic of RV auto-leveling – dependable, common, gets the job done. Works great for middle class RVs. Has a simple touchscreen and WiFi app.

HWH Computerized Leveling

Now we’re talkin’ Mercedes-Benz status! HWH is the nicest auto-leveling you can get. Used on highfalutin brands like Newmar, Tiffin, Entegra. Slick LED control panel.

Bigfoot Hydraulic Leveling

The Cadillac Escalade of RV leveling systems. Standard equipment for baller motorhomes like Fleetwood, Newell, and Monaco. Fancy automatic and manual touch pad controls.

MOR/ryde REAS Air Suspension Leveling

This one’s the electric Tesla of auto-leveling. Uses airbags and compressors instead of jacks to inflate and level your rig. So bougie! Works with an app and remote control.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to take that MOR/ryde system out for drinks and get it wasted!

Let’s Walk Through This Step-by-Step

Alright, enough window shopping. Time to throw down and actually use this auto-leveling magic! Follow Auntie Amy’s advice:

Pick a flat, empty spot – Aim for a nice, open, paved site with no holes, dips or trees in the way. Maybe bust out those orange safety cones if you’re feeling fancy.

Detach the toad – Unhitch whatever’s hauling that land yacht first. Safety first, girl!

Put down your stabilizers – Crank those manual scissor jacks down around the edges to prep stuff.

Turn on the leveling system – Find the control panel and flip the power switch before anything else. Listen for it to buzz to life!

Engage the parking brake – Can’t be rolling away mid-leveling! Pop that sucker into park.

Press “Auto Level” – The fun button! Kick back with a glass of Pinot Grigio and watch your coach start lifting itself up.

Monitor the action – Sexy hydraulic/electric noises mean it’s working. Watch the display to see when each jack starts moving.

Enjoy the ride, baby – It slowly lifts and levels itself like a giant freakin’ RC car. So cool! Just let it do its thing.

Celebrate when it dings “level complete” – Cheers to that! Go ahead and test those cabinet doors – they’ll be perfectly still. Enjoy your perfectly level palace!

Get out there and get leveled, ladies! You don’t need no man when you’ve got an automated RV leveling system by your side. Auntie Amy’s got your back. Go forth and conquer the uneven world!

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