The Ins and Outs of RV Leveling Systems

Let me give you the insider scoop on one of the handiest gadgets you can get for your rig: a remote control leveling system. Trust me, this one thing make your life so much easier.

I remember my first trip in an RV without one of these puppies. I was still new to the whole RV lifestyle and didn’t realize how useful an automatic leveling system could be. As soon as I tried to unwind those manual crank jacks located on each corner of the RV, I knew I was in for a chore. Talk about a pain in the backside! I spent nearly half an hour crouched on the ground, cranking those things bit by bit.

By the time I had gotten one side of the RV raised up, the other side had drifted lower. It was like an annoying game of see-saw trying to get the rig level. And boy was my back sore when I finally finished. I swore then and there that my next RV would have an automatic leveling system installed.

Making Leveling a Breeze

When I upgraded to a motorhome with a hydraulic auto leveling system, it was a total game changer. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get perfectly level in just a minute or two. All it took was the press of a button on a remote control–no more backaches or cuss words required!

The newer systems today are even easier to use. With just the click of a button, the leveling jacks extend and adjust each corner until the RV is completely level, even on uneven terrain. It’s almost magical how seamless the process is. No more squatting awkwardly or trying to eyeball if the RV looks properly leveled. The system does all the work for you.

Some of the higher end systems like the Lippert Ground Control 3.0 will even auto-level your RV and auto-detach from a tow vehicle like a trailer or fifth wheel. It makes unhitching a breeze. The days of guides shouting “Go left! Go right! Stop!” are over. Now it just takes one person to detach and level an RV with total confidence.

Enjoying the View, Not the Crank

Having an automatic remote leveling system means you spend less time prepping your campsite and more time enjoying it. Once your RV is leveled, kick back in your camp chair with a cold beverage and admire the scenery instead of nursing a sore back.

I’ll never forget the first time I was able to sit and watch the sunset after arriving at a campsite, rather than fiddling with manual jacks the whole time. It was glorious. I got to soak in the vibrant purples and pinks painting the sky, without interruptions. All thanks to letting a remote leveling system do the tough work for me.

It’s such a relief to not have to think about the hassle of leveling every time you pull into a new campsite. I used to get stressed just imagining the painstaking process I’d have to go through. Now, it’s just one simple step along the way before relaxation and recreation.

Feel Like a Pro Backing In

Leveling systems with auto-detach capabilities also make it a breeze to back your rig into even the trickiest campsites. No need to unhitch completely from your vehicle first.

Simply use your tow vehicle to help maneuver your RV into position. Once you’re backed in close, engage the auto-detach sequence. The system will first level your RV, then safely unhitch once it’s ready.

This feature has helped me immensely when trying to back into tight spaces in RV parks. I even impressed some camping neighbors once after perfectly parking my rather long motorhome into a tiny wooded site. Felt like a pro!

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Stabilization

Another great benefit of upgraded leveling systems is that they go beyond just leveling your RV–they also stabilize it once parked.

Have you ever tried to relax inside your RV while a heavy truck drives by outside? It can make the whole rig shake and sway. That’s super annoying if you’re trying to watch TV or just wanting to enjoy dinner in peace.

But with hydraulic jacks pressing firmly into the ground on each corner, your RV becomes nice and stable, unaffected by outside forces like wind and passing vehicles. No more jiggling and rocking once you’re leveled and stabilized.

Some systems like the Lippert Level Up take this a step farther by letting you manually adjust the firmness and stability. Jacks can be extended or retracted individually from the remote to account for extra movement on one side.

I really appreciate having this extra stabilization whenever I’m camped for an extended period of time. It just makes living in the RV much more comfortable all around.

What to Look for in a Leveling System

Now that you know how awesome auto leveling is, here are some key things to look for when choosing the right system:

  • Look for hydraulic or electric operation – Hydraulic systems use fluid pressure to operate the jacks, while electric systems use motors and gears. Both options are quite fast and reliable. The hydraulic type are usually found on larger Class A motorhomes, while smaller travel trailers often have electric systems.
  • Make sure the system levels on 4 or 6 points – Having jacks on all 4 corners is essential for getting truly level. Even better are 6-point systems with jacks also in the middle. This gives greater stabilization.
  • Opt for a single remote control – Multiple remotes you have to juggle would be a hassle. Look for wireless systems that can simply extend, retract and auto-level all jacks from one convenient remote.
  • Auto-detach capability is super handy – Being able to auto detach from a tow vehicle after auto-leveling makes set up a breeze. This feature may be limited to just fifth wheel systems.
  • Look for extra stabilization features – Being able to manually adjust individual jacks gives you greater control over stabilization and comfort in your RV.
  • Consider supplemental leveling aids – For additional assistance on sloped sites, options like the Camco Leveling Blocks are a handy, affordable choice that can work with any leveling system.
  • Check if existing jacks are compatible – Some automatic systems can retrofit onto your current manual jacks. This may save you installation costs.
  • Talk to an RV dealer about professional installation – For hassle-free operation and full manufacturer warranty, go with pro installation by an authorized dealer. DIY is risky.

Take it Easy, Leave it to the Machine

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your RVing sanity is invest in an automatic leveling system with remote control operation. No more grumbling as you struggle to crank stubborn jacks by hand. Just let the power of technology make one of the most challenging RVing tasks as simple as pushing a button.

Sit back and let the machine do the tough part, while you focus on more important things like taking a hike or watching the sunset. Doesn’t that sound like the RV vacation you have in mind? I sure hope so!

With smart automatic leveling, you’ll protect your back, impress your neighbors, rest easy in a stable RV, and most importantly–actually get to relax and have fun. Trust me on this one. Your RVing life will never be the same!

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