Keeping Track of Your RV with GPS

So you’ve got this nice RV sitting in storage or rented out and you’re wondering how you can keep an eye on it when you’re not around. I totally get it – RVs aren’t cheap and you want to protect your investment!

I’ll be straight with you – using a GPS tracking device on your RV just makes sense these days. You never know when something might happen, even if your baby is locked up tight as a drum in a storage facility. And if you’re renting out your home on wheels to strangers, having a way to monitor its whereabouts provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Of course you could just trust people to do the right thing and hope for the best. But c’mon, we both know mistakes happen. Better to be proactive and use technology to your advantage here. Think of it like an insurance policy – you hope to never need it, but aren’t you glad it’s there just in case?

Key Factors to Consider

When looking into GPS trackers for your RV, there are a few key factors to weigh:


  • Hardware cost – how much for the actual device?
  • Service fees – is there an ongoing subscription cost? One-time payment?
  • Power source – battery? Wired? Solar? Costs vary.


  • Precision of location data varies between devices.
  • Update frequency also affects accuracy – real-time vs. intermittent updates.

Installation and Use

  • Hardwired vs. battery powered.
  • Internal covert mounting or exterior visible mounting.
  • Smartphone app for managing and accessing data.
  • Web portal also sometimes available.

Connectivity and Range

  • Cellular vs. satellite connectivity.
  • Satellite often has farther uninterrupted range.
  • But may have latency in data transmission.


  • Basic location tracking
  • Geo-fencing and alerts
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Speed monitoring
  • Historical data reports
  • Engine diagnostics data

As you can see, lots of factors to mull over. Let’s take a closer look at some specific options on the market to see how they stack up.

Good: Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

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Now you might be thinking – a dog tracker for my RV? Hear me out. The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker is a surprisingly versatile and cost-effective choice.

Here are some pros:

  • Small and easy to conceal
  • Good battery life (up to 5 days)
  • Accurate location data
  • Unlimited range
  • Affordable hardware and subscription cost
  • Rugged waterproof design

And the cons:

  • Designed for pets so a bit basic in features
  • Battery must be recharged regularly
  • No wired power or engine diagnostics

For light RV monitoring on a budget though, it gets the job done! I used the Tractive on my teardrop trailer for a while and was impressed with how well it worked. The location updates weren’t real-time but were frequent enough for my needs. And being able to just stick it out of sight in a hidden spot was super convenient.

If you just want basic location tracking without breaking the bank, Tractive is a solid choice. It may lack some bells and whistles but delivers where it counts. RVers on forums seem to agree – it consistently gets positive reviews.

Better: LandAirSea Tracking Key

Now if you’re looking for something more rugged and full-featured, the LandAirSea Tracking Key is a top contender.

The pros:

  • Compact and weatherproof
  • Weeks of battery life
  • Real-time location updates
  • Satellite and cellular connectivity
  • Geofencing
  • Web-based platform

The cons:

  • Subscription service required
  • Battery life still not ideal for long-term monitoring
  • Higher hardware cost than some trackers

With over 20 years in the GPS tracking business though, LandAirSea is a name you can trust. Their trackers are commonly used by auto dealerships, construction companies, and even law enforcement.

The Tracking Key packs a lot of tech into a small covert package. And with real-time satellite and cellular signals, you’ll have reliable eyes on your RV no matter where it roams. No more wondering where in the world your motorhome is!

For me the geofencing feature is super useful – if the RV leaves a designated area, you get an instant alert. I love that peace of mind. And the long battery life means you can set it and forget it for a while between charges.

If you’re willing to spend a little more for robust features and reliability, the Tracking Key hits a nice sweet spot. Lots of RV owners in online forums praise its performance and rugged durability.

Best: GPS Insight ELD GO8

Now for the premium top-shelf solution: the GPS Insight ELD GO8.

This bad boy was built from the ground up for fleet and asset tracking. Here are some standout features:


  • Hardwired for constant power
  • Real-time location and telematics data
  • Speed alerts and reports
  • Geofencing
  • Mechanic alerts for engine issues
  • 5-year warranty


  • Higher hardware cost
  • Requires professional installation
  • Overkill for basic tracking needs

So it’s definitely a splurge, but with GPS Insight you get what you pay for – an enterprise-grade solution for monitoring and optimizing your RV asset.

This isn’t just a tracker – it’s a full-featured telematics platform, giving you a deep look under the hood of your RV’s performance from any web browser. And with 24/7 wired power and cellular connectivity, you have uncompromising awareness of your vehicle’s location and condition.

For the ultimate in security and monitoring, the GPS Insight GO8 is as good as it gets. The geofencing, speed alerts, and engine diagnostics take asset protection to another level. If you rely on your RV for business purposes, this could be a tax-deductible expense that pays for itself in the long run.

Just be prepared for a bit of a learning curve – the wealth of data takes some getting used to. But if you really want to micromanage your RV, a top-tier solution like this is invaluable. The installers I’ve talked to say the GO8 is their gold standard for fleet vehicles.

Which Option is Right for You?

So there you have it – a run-down of three solid GPS tracking options for monitoring your RV. Let’s quickly recap:

  • Tractive GPS – affordable and compact with good basic features.
  • LandAirSea Tracking Key – robust portable tracker with real-time satellite updates.
  • GPS Insight GO8 – hardwired telematics platform with all the bells and whistles.

Choosing the right one depends on your budget, how you use your RV, and your appetite for features.

For a lightly used RV in storage, Tractive provides cost-effective peace of mind. For more active use by renters, LandAirSea adds real-time tracking and alerts. And for business and frequent lending, GO8 gives you diagnostic insights and instant awareness.

Whichever route you choose, embracing GPS tracking just makes sense for any RV owner these days. Trouble finds you when you least expect it – better stay a step ahead with smart monitoring. And please, tell your RV I say hi!

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