Discover the Best Live Streaming Services Tailored for RV Travelers, Offering Entertainment on the Go

Keeping up with your favorite shows while traveling full-time can be a challenge without access to cable or satellite TV. Thankfully, with today’s streaming services and mobile internet options, enjoying TV on the road is easier than ever!

In this guide, we’ll cover the top live streaming services tailored for RVers looking for entertainment during their cross-country adventures. We’ll explore the benefits, costs, and considerations to help you find the ideal setup. You’ll also get plenty of tips from our experience streaming in our RV. So grab a comfy seat, fix yourself a drink, and read on to enhance your next trip with great entertainment on the go!

Streaming Overview – Your Entertainment Options on the Road

Gone are the days of only having a VHS player and limited DVD selection for entertainment in an RV. Today there are plenty of streaming options to access a world of entertainment from the comfort of your home on wheels.

The services break down into a few main categories:

Live TV Streaming

These services mimic a cable TV package, providing live access to major networks and popular channels through the internet. Top options include:

  • YouTube TV – Stream over 85+ channels including locals, sports, news, and more. Can have up to 6 accounts and 3 concurrent streams.
  • Hulu + Live TV – Over 75+ live channels and full access to Hulu’s on-demand library. 2 concurrent streams.
  • Sling TV – A range of channel packages focusing on entertainment, news, and sports channels. Up to 4 streams based on package.
  • AT&T TV Now – Stream over 45+ channels including locals, sports, HBO and more. Up to 3 streams.

On-Demand Services

Popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime offer thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. These are best for binge watching, catching up on past seasons, or enjoying original content.

Premium Channels

Services like HBO Now, STARZ, and SHOWTIME let you access movies and original programming without a cable package. Great for catching new releases and hit shows.

Live Sports & Events

Options like MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, and ESPN+ are excellent for following favorite teams, leagues, and access to live games not available on TV.

This range of streaming services means you can likely replace your entire home cable setup on the road. Mix and match services based on your interests to stay entertained anywhere!

Getting Online in an RV for Streaming

Before diving into the various streaming options, it’s important to understand how to get internet access for streaming video in an RV. While it may seem complex, it’s quite easy once you know the basics!

RV Campground Wi-Fi

Many RV parks now offer Wi-Fi, which can work great if speeds are fast enough for streaming video. This gives you easy and often free internet access. Just keep in mind public Wi-Fi is shared, so speeds may suffer during busy times. Always check on Wi-Fi quality before booking a campground.

Pro Tip: Use a Wi-Fi extender like the WeBoost Drive 4G-X to improve weak campground Wi-Fi signals. We’ve found it makes a big difference in maintaining steady speeds!

Mobile Hotspots and Cellular Data

Using your phone’s mobile hotspot or a dedicated hotspot device like the MiFi 8000 is a reliable way to get online for streaming. You’ll need a cellular data plan with enough high-speed data to support your usage. Most hotspot devices can connect around 10 devices simultaneously.

Cell signal quality can vary, so check coverage maps before extended trips off the beaten path. But in most areas with decent cell service, this method works great!

Pro Tip: Adding an external antenna mounted on your RV can vastly improve mobile hotspot speeds and signal strength. We use the Drive X antenna and get internet even in remote locations!

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet like Starlink lets you get broadband-level speeds virtually anywhere in the country. But availability is still limited, and upfront equipment and monthly service fees are steep. For extensive off-grid travel and heavy data usage, though, satellite internet is a great option.

Public Wi-Fi

Coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and community centers can provide free public Wi-Fi hotspots useful for light browsing. But speeds and quality are often too inconsistent for streaming videos. Still, public Wi-Fi networks work in a pinch!

Pro Tip: Use a VPN like Norton or TunnelBear when connecting to public hotspots to improve privacy and security.

Get your connectivity setup for the lifestyle you want, and enjoy endless entertainment on the go! Now let’s explore the best streaming TV services made for life in an RV.

YouTube TV – A Top Option for Live TV Streaming

One of our favorite services for live TV streaming while traveling is YouTube TV. With a clean interface, wide channel lineup, and generous features, it’s an excellent cable replacement.

Over 85+ Channels

YouTube TV offers over 85 channels covering major networks, top cable staples, regional sports, and more. The lineup includes must-haves like CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, AMC, and much more.locals, news, and entertainment.

We’ve been impressed with their channel offerings, which are on par with much pricier cable packages. There are options to add premium channels like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ for more movies and originals. It really is possible to ditch cable forever with YouTube TV!

Unlimited DVR Storage

YouTube TV lets you record an unlimited amount of programs to the cloud DVR. This means you can save all your favorites, no matter how long you travel. And recordings are stored for 9 months, so you can catch up anytime.

The unlimited DVR is a lifesaver for accessing shows on the go. We’re constantly recording new movies, shows, and documentaries to watch at our leisure.

Up to 3 Simultaneous Streams

YouTube TV allows 3 concurrent streams on the standard plan. This is handy when traveling as a couple or family, as you can all watch different shows at once on various devices.

We love the flexibility of catching up on favorite programs even while shows are playing on other screens. The generous streaming also makes it easy to share your login with friends on the road.

Available Nationwide

A major perk of YouTube TV is that it provides live local feeds from major broadcast networks no matter where you travel in the US. This means you can watch local news and sports from hometown teams.

We’ve streamed YouTube TV across over 40 states, always with our home area channels. It really makes travel feel more connected. This level of nationwide access is rare among streaming providers.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

YouTube TV is contract-free and offers straightforward pricing. Plans start at $64.99 a month with the option to add premium channels and additional features a la carte. But the base package has you covered for most needs.

Best of all, there are no sneaky regional sports fees, HD fees, or other junk charges cable is known for. What you see is what you get with YouTube TV.

Downsides to Consider

While we love YouTube TV, a few downsides are worth noting:

  • Limited streams – Only 3 concurrent streams may be limiting for larger families or groups. Upgrading to unlimited streams costs extra.
  • No NFL Network or RedZone – These popular NFL channels are noticeably absent from the lineup.
  • Occasional bugs – During peak times, we’ve experienced rare buffering which requires force closing and restarting the app.

But on the whole, YouTube TV’s excellent channel selection and features make it our top pick for RV streaming. It’s the one service we always recommend for TV on the road.

Hulu + Live TV – On-Demand Library Plus Live Channels

Another excellent option for live TV streaming is Hulu + Live TV. With over 75 channels plus Hulu’s huge on-demand library, it offers an unbeatable bundle.

75+ Channels With Sports, News, and More

Hulu + Live TV provides over 75 live channels – fewer than YouTube TV, but still covering the major networks, entertainment, news, and sports. In our experience, Hulu offers the core essentials for most viewers.

The lineup includes ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN, CNN, FX, TBS, and many more. There are options to add premium channels like HBO Max, Cinemax, and SHOWTIME too.

50,000+ On-Demand Titles

Since Hulu + Live TV also includes the regular Hulu on-demand service, you get access to Hulu’s huge library of TV series, movies, Hulu Originals and more.

Having endless on-demand options makes Hulu one of the most well-rounded live TV services. Whenever live TV is uninteresting, just dive into the massive catalog of shows and movies at your fingertips.

Cloud DVR With 50 Hours of Storage

Hulu’s cloud DVR lets you record up to 50 hours of live TV to watch later. While less storage than YouTube TV, 50 hours is ample for most users to save shows and sports on the road.

We do wish Hulu offered an unlimited DVR upgrade like YouTube TV does. But 50 hours records plenty for a few weeks of travel before needing to clear space.

2 Simultaneous Streams

Hulu + Live TV allows 2 concurrent streams on different devices. Having dual streams is nice for couples, letting you both watch separate content. But larger families may find the limited streams challenging.

With 2 streamers, we’ve never found ourselves needing more. But YouTube TV’s 3 streams may work better for bigger households.

Extensive Device Support

Hulu works on nearly any streaming device including iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast. Support for game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation is handy too.

With wide device access, it’s easy to watch Hulu using your RV’s built-in entertainment system or streaming to personal devices.

Downsides to Note

A few limitations of Hulu + Live TV to be aware of:

  • No local channels in some markets – Local channel availability is limited outside of major cities. You may miss your local news and programming.
  • Limited streams – Just 2 simultaneous streams means larger families will be juggling devices.
  • Occasional buffering – During peak hours, live TV performance can suffer from occasional buffering and quality dips.

But the unrivaled combination of live TV and a massive on-demand library make Hulu + Live TV one of our top choices for RV streaming. It offers the best value and variety.

Sling TV – Affordable Live TV Streamer

For RVers looking to save money on live TV streaming, Sling TV is an affordable option to consider. With customizable channel packages, you can tailor Sling to your viewing needs.

Range of Channel Packages

Rather than a fixed channel lineup, Sling offers a choice of channel packages focusing on entertainment, news, sports and more. Popular packages include:

  • Sling Orange – 30+ channels like ESPN, CNN, TBS, AMC, and more for $35 per month.
  • Sling Blue – 40+ channels featuring Fox and NBC locals, FX, Bravo, NFL Network and more for $35 per month.
  • Combined Orange + Blue – Both packages together for $50 per month. This gives the most variety.

The choices let you build a lineup around your interests for the most value. Sling Blue is ideal for sports fans, while Sling Orange offers more family entertainment.

Optional Premium Add-Ons

Popular premium channels can be added to any Sling package for extra fees. Options include STARZ, SHOWTIME, Cinemax and more.

This flexibility makes it easy to customize your channel bundle. We like the ability to switch premiums on and off month-to-month based on what we want to watch.

Cloud DVR Available

Sling added DVR capability, but it comes at an extra charge. The basic DVR tier costs $5 per month for 50 hours of storage. For $10 monthly, the upgraded DVR provides 200 hours for more recordings.

While pricier than others, the cloud DVR feature does give you the option to record shows and movies when away from your RV. We’d love to see it included for free in the future.

Stream on Multiple Devices

Sling allows simultaneous streaming on up to 4 devices, depending on your package. This level of flexibility is appreciated when traveling and juggling screens.

We like that Sling accommodates more streamers than Hulu and YouTube TV in their base packages. This makes it more feasible for families and groups.

Downsides and Limitations

Some negatives of Sling TV to note:

  • No local channels – Major local feeds are only available in a handful of cities. You’ll lack local news and programming.
  • DVR costs extra – The cloud DVR features come at an added fee which can quickly raise the monthly cost.
  • Buffering issues – Reviews frequently cite buffering and performance inconsistencies, especially during peak hours.

While it lacks some convenience of the top contenders, Sling TV remains one of the most affordable options for live TV on the road. The flexibility and lower pricing make it an enticing choice for RVers on a budget.

AT&T TV Now – Stream Live TV from AT&T

Another live TV streaming contender worth considering is AT&T TV Now. With packages starting at $69.99 per month, it sits at a higher price point but offers excellent channel selection and streaming capability.

45+ Top Channels

AT&T TV Now’s base package called PLUS includes over 45 must-have channels like ABC, NBC, ESPN, Nickelodeon, HGTV, and more. There are options to add premiums like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax.

While the starting package has fewer channels than competitors, you still get the essentials across news, sports, movies, and family entertainment. For many travelers, the core lineup should suffice.

Cloud DVR Included

A nice perk of AT&T TV Now is that it includes 20 hours of cloud DVR storage in the base package. Recording and accessing shows on the road is handy for catching your favorites anytime.

You can upgrade to unlimited DVR storage for $10 per month. But the included 20 hours should meet most needs for recording when away or when plans take you away from the RV.

Stream on 3 Devices Simultaneously

AT&T TV Now allows up to 3 concurrent streams in the base package, matching YouTube TV. Multiple streams are extremely convenient when traveling as a couple or family.

We’ve taken advantage of watching different shows on our laptops, tablets, and RV TV thanks to the 3 streams. It really maximizes the entertainment options.

Downsides to Weigh

Some limitations to keep in mind with AT&T TV Now:

  • Limited channel lineup – The base package is noticeably smaller than competitors, lacking channels like Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 and more.
  • No local feeds – You don’t get the major broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox based on your location.
  • Performance issues – Reviewers frequently report buffering, pixelation, and other performance inconsistencies during streaming.

While channel selection is more limited, AT&T TV Now remains a decent option for live TV thanks to included DVR and multiple streams. But we suggest comparing packages and pricing to make sure it meets your needs before committing.

How We Chose the Best Services for RV Streaming

With the sheer number of streaming providers available today, it can be daunting to compare options and choose what’s best for traveling. Here are the key factors we prioritized when selecting our top recommended services:

Available Channels – First and foremost, we analyzed channel selection across news, sports, entertainment, locals, and more. Options with the most flexible and well-rounded offerings rose to the top.

Signal Reliability – We heavily weighed reviewer experiences and real-world tests streaming each service on the road. Those prone to frequent buffering or quality issues were knocked down.

Cloud DVR Features – Since recordings are essential for accessing shows while in transit, services with generous and included DVR storage ranked higher.

Number of Streams – For traveling groups and families, services allowing more simultaneous viewing sessions provide the most flexibility on shared plans.

Device Support – We preferred services readily available across iOS and Android mobile apps, media devices like Roku and Fire TV, and smart TVs. Widespread accessibility is key.

Value and Pricing – While channel selection was the priority, we also evaluated overall value in terms of channels delivered per dollar. Services with more flexibility ranked higher.

Considering these criteria together led us to recommend YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and AT&T TV Now as the top contenders for RV streaming. Continue reading for more tips on choosing the best live TV setup!

Comparing Live TV Streaming Services Side-by-Side

To help choose the right live TV streaming provider for your travels, it’s useful to compare core features, channels, pricing and more side-by-side. Here’s an overview of how our top picks stack up:

ServiceStarting PriceChannelsCloud DVRStreamsTop ProTop Con
YouTube TV$64.9985+Unlimited3Wide channel selection, unlimited DVR, local feedsLimited streams, no NFL Network
Hulu + Live TV$69.9975+50 hours2Live TV plus huge on-demand library, solid valueFewer channels, limited streams
Sling TV$3530-5050 hours ($5 extra)4Customizable packages, affordabilityNo local channels, DVR costs extra
AT&T TV Now$69.9945+20 hours included3Generous DVR storage included, premium channelsSmaller channel lineup, performance issues

This makes it easy to compare the core features of each service at a glance. Focus on channels and benefits most appealing to your viewing habits. For example, sports fans may value Sling TV’s packages with NFL Network or NBA TV. Movie buffs can’t beat Hulu’s huge on-demand library.

Keep your travel lifestyle and group size in mind too. Larger families can maximize Sling’s 4 streams, while Hulu is ideal for couples. And devotees of specific networks should scan the lineups thoroughly before deciding.

Don’t forget to factor in costs over time. While Sling TV is cheapest for live streaming, its lower tiered plans may leave you wanting more. And Hulu’s library fills any live TV gaps. Run the numbers for your situation before committing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Live TV Service in Your RV

Finding your perfect live TV streaming setup for life on the road takes some upfront research. Keep these tips in mind while evaluating the options and free trials:

Prioritize your must-have channels – Make a list of channels and shows you just can’t live without. This will give you core criteria to compare services.

Check channel availability for your area – Lineups can vary by region, so enter your zip code on provider sites to see your local offerings.

Compare free trials side-by-side – Test 2-3 services together to get a real-world feel for channels, features, and performance before deciding.

Factor in internet requirements – Consider bandwidth needs for streaming HD video to choose affordable data plans. Some services optimize streaming quality better than others.

Read RV-specific reviews – Look for real user reviews from fellow travelers to gather candid feedback on how services perform on the road.

Compare stream allowances – If your family wants to watch different content simultaneously, pay attention to number of streams allowed to prevent conflicts.

Consider seasonal sports – Choose services with your favorite sports channels, or switch providers temporarily during peak seasons to access key games.

Doing this prep work upfront goes a long way towards picking the best live TV streaming setup for your travel style and budget. Don’t be afraid to test out multiple free trials before committing.

In addition to live TV streaming, it’s easy to access popular on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more from the road. Their deep libraries offer endless binge-watching.


With an enormous catalog of original series, documentaries, movies, and more, Netflix is a top destination for entertainment in your RV. Plans start at $9.99 per month for unlimited streaming. Downloading titles to mobile devices saves data and enables offline viewing anywhere.

We love catching up on Netflix hits as we travel between destinations. It’s perfect for rainy days or quiet evenings parked lakeside. Netflix constantly rolls out new content, so there’s always something fresh to enjoy.


Beyond its live TV option, basic Hulu grants access to thousands of shows, movies, and originals on-demand for just $6.99 monthly. You can try it free for 30 days too. Hulu is fantastic for watching past seasons of current TV shows shortly after they air.

When we want to re-watch favorites or catch up on back episodes, Hulu fills the gap. Its deep media library pairs nicely with live TV for the ultimate binge experience.

Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime membership already, don’t forget it includes Prime Video at no added cost. This grants unlimited access to Amazon’s collection of movies and shows, many available for offline downloads.

We fire up Prime Video regularly in our RV to watch award-winning originals and new movie releases included with our membership. It’s an unbeatable free perk for entertainment on the go.


For families traveling with kids, Disney+ is a must-have streaming service starting at just $7.99 per month. It offers unlimited access to Disney classics, Pixar films, Star Wars, Marvel movies, National Geographic shows, and more.

Disney+ is a godsend for keeping kids happily entertained no matter where our travels take us. The selections bring back fond childhood memories for parents too!

Tips for Streaming in Your RV

To enjoy smooth streaming wherever your RV goes, keep these tips in mind:

Use a signal booster – Invest in a weBoost Drive 4G-X RV cell signal booster kit to strengthen weak mobile internet on the road. This lets you stream anywhere with confidence.

Connect devices via Ethernet – For the most reliable performance, use Ethernet to connect smart TVs and media players to your Wi-Fi router whenever parked.

Download when Wi-Fi is available – Save data by downloading movies and shows to devices when connected to campground Wi-Fi for later offline viewing.

Adjust video quality settings – Most streaming apps allow adjusting playback resolution to conserve data. Lower quality when bandwidth is limited.

Use a HDMI hub – A portable HDMI hub lets you quickly switch sources between streaming devices, making it easy to watch on your RV TV.

Check upcoming routes – Research cell and Wi-Fi availability on your planned route using campground directory apps to anticipate any coverage gaps.

Putting some thought into your connectivity early on makes it possible to enjoy endless entertainment on the road. With the right gear and streaming services, your RV can offer all the perks of home – no matter how far you roam!

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